Pineapple Method for Natural Hair: What It Is & How To Do It (2023)

Pineapple Method for Natural Hair: What It Is & How To Do It (1)

Having naturally beautiful curly hair is the dream of many women out there. Yet, those ladies who have it know how difficult it might be to maintain sometimes. Even though a lot of people believe that curly hair doesn’t need any special care, it appears that it actually does need much more maintenance that those people would have expected. Do me a favor and ask that friend of yours with curls on her head what she does to keep the curls so perfect at all times and you will be in for a very long story.

If you are rocking your own natural curls, then you definitely know how difficult it can be to make them look great at times. It’s almost as if those strands all have their own lives and each one of them is so stubborn that you cannot get them to agree on anything. One curl will jump up, trying to be the tallest of them all, another will get separated from the crowd in order to stand out and a third one might keep getting straighter and straighter just out of spite. Simply put, controlling your strands can often turn into a nightmare.

It can take so much time and effort to perfectly style those curls, even when you follow all the tips and tricks, such as the ones on this page. That’s only the styling part, though. What about keeping your hair healthy? A lot of women are struggling with the dryness of their strands, trying to find a way to keep the locks healthy even though they are so dry all the time. That’s one issue you can come across when your hair is naturally curly and, believe me, there are others.


Keeping It Styled

Then, there is also the question of keeping your hair in order and not having to spend too much time every day fixing the style that you have previously made. I’m guessing you are by now aware how difficult styling your curls can be and when you have to keep on doing the same thing day after day, you are bound to get tired. Not to mention the fact that it can never look as great as it did on the first day of styling it.

So, you have to wash it once more and go through the whole care routine all over again if you want it to look great. Or, you could always put it in a bun and forget about it, but it would really be a shame not to flaunt those curls when you have them. Washing it and going through the whole routine all over again can take hours, though, and you simply don’t feel you can devote those hours to your hair every single day. Is there anything out there that could solve your problems, or do you have to keep on doing the same thing day after day for the rest of your life?

Luckily, people from the curly hair industry never stop surprising us with their products and techniques designed to make things a lot easier. They have come up with a solution that can help you have a perfect hairstyle even on the third day after washing it. The solution I am talking about is called the pineapple method but, surprisingly enough, it doesn’t involve putting any pineapples on your head. I can’t imagine how that would help you.

The best thing about this technique is that it is fairly easily done. Even though it has such a fancy name, the truth is that you won’t need to go to a saloon to have it done and you won’t even have to spend too much time in front of the mirror to do it yourself. Its beauty lies in its simplicity as well as, of course, in its effectiveness. Let us take a closer look at what this method actually is, what it is good for and how it is done.

The Pineapple Method

Also known as pineappling, this is a curly hair technique that allows you to preserve your style overnight and keep your curls looking beautiful the next day. Many women have reported that this method has allowed them to wash their hair less frequently, because it not only stays amazingly styled, but also fresh. Plus, this method can be worn as a style on its own, because it really does look cute on all the ladies who have curly hair, giving them a casual, yet modern look.

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Read this for more info about the technique:

The whole technique can be compared to making a pretty loose ponytail on the top of your head, because that’s exactly what it takes for you to apply the method on your hair. Still, this is far, far more than a simple ponytail, especially because it comes with a lot of benefits that you would never expect to get from any style of ponytail that already exists. Let us take a look at those amazing benefits before we proceed to giving you some useful tips on how to successfully make this style on your head.

Pineapple Method for Natural Hair: What It Is & How To Do It (3)

It Keeps Your Hair Beautifully Stylized

As we have already made it clear, one of the biggest difficulties that women with curly hair are faced with on a daily basis is the process of controlling their curls and keeping them beautiful and in order. While we are all for the “messy” and “casual” look, it’s time to tell the truth here. Nobody just wakes up with a cool, messy and casual style. It takes time to create that one too. Well, it seems that you might very well be able to wake up with a perfect style without taking any time whatsoever to create it in the morning.

The pineapple method allows you to sleep through the night peacefully without worrying that your hair will get all messed up and that you will have to spend a lot of time trying to make it look presentable, leading to you possibly being late for work or an important appointment. You can pineapple your hair right before sleep so that you can wake up looking beautiful. No, waking up looking beautiful is not only seen on movies and TV show. It can actually happen in the real world and this little technique can help with achieving that.

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It Helps You Wash Your Hair Less Often

When you wake up with hair that just won’t listen to you, there are two ways to actually tame it. For starters, you can constrain it in a bun and be off, without actually feeling satisfied about the style you have created. On the other hand, you can decide to wash it all over again and spend some more time focusing on it so that you get a perfect hairstyle instead of walking around with a bun. Of course, a bun can be a life-saver at times, just try not to make it your “trade mark” of sorts, by wearing it too often.

How would you like to have a perfectly styled hair every day without having to put it in a bun or wash it? If you’re excited by that idea, then you should definitely try out the pineapple hair method. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will be able not to wash your hair for the rest of your life, or for a month or so. It simply means that you can reduce the frequency of washing it to once or twice a week tops. That’s a pretty good result, if you ask me.

It’s A Cute Style On Its Own

Now, while you probably won’t wear this style on its own too often, simply because you will always have the perfect curls, it’s nice to know that you can always resort to it if you have no other option. The pineapple style will look cute and casual, so if there’s no other option, you can definitely go run your errands by rocking this hair do. If nothing else, it looks much better, much more modern and more chic than a boring bun that you are probably making day after day in the absence of better solutions.

How To Make It

While you probably already know that this technique consists of tying your hair in a ponytail at the top of your head before going to sleep, so that the curls don’t mess up overnight and so that the back and the sides of the head are the only parts affected by the pillow, I’m pretty sure you could use some tips on how to pineapple your strands the right way. I bet you have already come across some tips and tricks online and, upon trying to recreate them, you realized that it’s much more complicated than the online models made it appear. That’s when you decide that the tips either don’t work or that they simply take much more effort than you are ready to put in.

Let’s not allow that to happen with pineappling. I wouldn’t want you to feel as if this technique doesn’t work simply because you were unable to do it the right way. While the process might seem easy when you hear about it, getting a few concrete tips on how and when to pineapple your hair will definitely help you do it perfectly and get the best effects out of it. With that in mind, I will share a few useful tips below and get you acquainted with the right steps you need to take in order to get the most out of pineappling your curls.

Pineapple Method for Natural Hair: What It Is & How To Do It (4)

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Make Sure Your Hair Is Dry

Making sure that your hair is dry is one of the most important steps here. If you leave it wet, you will wake up with pretty weirdly shaped curls, since the hair tie may leave indents. Letting your curls dry while they are in a tie will lead to those curls adjusting to the shape that the tie is dictating and that can really lead to some weird styles that you wouldn’t want to have in the morning. So, before you go any further, make sure that your curls are completely dry and if you have just washed your hair, use the blow dryer first.

Make It Loose

It’s important not to make the ponytail too tight, because, once again, the tie can make indents in your hair. You might want to think of using a tie that is known for not leaving any indents or a soft one that will be really gentle on your curls. Tie the hair up on the very top of your head and let it fall from there. And, don’t worry, using a soft tie doesn’t carry a huge risk from everything getting untied overnight.

Use A Satin Scarf Or Pillowcase

As you probably already know, satin is really gentle, making it perfect for curls. If you aren’t using a satin pillowcase, you can always get a scarf to wrap around your hair. Make sure that you tie the knot at a convenient spot, so that it doesn’t bother you while sleeping. This is an important tip for pineappling your hair (see more) but don’t worry if you don’t have anything satin on hand. You can try sleeping without it and the effects will be just as good.

Be Careful During Takedown

Taking down the pineapple is just as important as putting it up, meaning that you shouldn’t just do the first thing that crosses your mind if you really want to get the best out of this technique. The most important thing is to be gentle and careful when removing the hair tie. While there are a lot of methods to take down the pineapple, the easiest one is to simply fluff your hair with your fingers and have it regain its shape after removing the tie. If you don’t think that will work for you, you might want to find some more methods and try them out to see which one is the best for your particular curls.

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Pineapple Method for Natural Hair: What It Is & How To Do It? ›

Bringing hair up into a pineapple is one of the sure ways to prevent frizz. Preserving natural oils and moisture is essential to keeping natural hair healthy. A pineapple method helps retain the moisture, and the effect is even better if you add a bonnet or a satin scarf on top or sleep on a silk/satin pillowcase.

Why is pineapple method best for natural hair? ›

Bringing hair up into a pineapple is one of the sure ways to prevent frizz. Preserving natural oils and moisture is essential to keeping natural hair healthy. A pineapple method helps retain the moisture, and the effect is even better if you add a bonnet or a satin scarf on top or sleep on a silk/satin pillowcase.

What is pineapple hair drying method? ›

NaturallyCurly community has coined the pineapple technique to protect your curls from frizz and tangles while you sleep. To pineapple, gather hair into a high ponytail and slip a scrunchie over the base, just enough so it loosely holds hair without creating tension.

How long does the pineapple trick take? ›

How long does it take for pineapple to make your sperm taste good? Generally it takes about 12 to 24 hours for any change to occur.

Does the pineapple opening trick work? ›

My pineapple pulling was most effective when I dug my nail under the fruitlet and tried to prop it loose from the core. The hack definitely "worked" in the sense that it was possible to pull chunks of pineapple out without using a knife to cut it free, but it certainly wasn't a seamless process.

Should I sleep with my hair in a pineapple? ›

If you're doing the hair pineapple to sleep, it's best to keep the scrunchie relatively loose. This will ensure you don't have any creases in the hair come morning. But if you're sporting your pineapple to your favorite HIIT class, wrapping the scrunchie around your ponytail a few times is better.

Should you pineapple your hair before bed? ›

The pineapple hair technique, a term coined by the NaturallyCurly community, is a way to protect your curly hair when you sleep. Done correctly, the pineapple hair method creates a beautiful pile of curls on the top of your head, which resembles the shape of—yes, you guessed it—a pineapple.

What temperature does pineapple dry? ›

From here, cut the pineapple into smaller pieces—aim for about ½” or smaller for quicker drying time. Dehydrate at 135°F / 57°C for 10-18 hours until dry (see Note 2).

Does pineapple help your hair grow? ›

Pineapple is said to be rich in vitamin C and can aid in hair growth. Its rich source of antioxidants has the ability to prevent you from any sort of disease that you may be prone to. Vitamin C gives your hair an extra layer of silkiness and makes it look thick. Here are some benefits of eating pineapple for your hair.

How do you style wet hair before bed? ›

“Silk helps negate frizz,” she explains. “Twist your hair in a top knot and wrap it into a bun while going to bed. Use a silk scarf or cloth and tie it like a hairband to make sure your hair does not touch the pillowcase. Once you wake up, flip your hair upside down, gently separate the hair and flip it back up.

Can you pineapple straight hair? ›

Can You Make a Pineapple Bun with Straight Hair? While the pineapple method is typically recommended for curly hair, women with straight hair can also use the technique. In fact, women who have fine or frizz-prone hair may find the pineapple method to be especially helpful!

What is the pineapple secret code? ›

On a cruise ship, the secret symbol of an upside-down pineapple is regularly used as a code for swinging or “wife-swapping”. In most cases, an illustrated and upside-down pineapple is fixed to the cabin door of a guest interested in swinging and partner swapping.

How long do you let a pineapple sit upside down? ›

Turn the pineapple upside down and place it on a plate; allow it to rest 30 minutes. Since pineapples are stored stem side up, gravity makes the juices run to the bottom. Resting the pineapple upside down for 30 minutes helps the juices to run back down and distribute for evenly juicy pieces.

How long do you process pineapple in a water bath? ›

Pack the pineapple and liquid into jars, leaving 1/2 inch headspace. Can in a water bath canner, processing 15 minutes for half-pints or pints, and 20 minutes for quarts (adjusting for altitude).

Why put pineapple upside down? ›

2) Turn Your Pineapple Upside Down: The area closer to the base of the fruit has a higher sugar content. Place your pineapple in the refrigerator upside down for about thirty minutes before cutting to redistribute the sugars more evenly through the pineapple.

Should you turn a pineapple upside down? ›

Since pineapples are stored stem side up, gravity makes the juices run to the bottom. Resting the pineapple upside down for 30 minutes helps the juices to run back down and distribute for evenly juicy pieces.

Should you flip a pineapple upside down? ›

Simply saw off the top, flip it over on a plate, cover it in plastic wrap, and store it in the fridge for a couple of days. The idea is that the juices will trickle down from the riper bottom portion of the fruit and distribute throughout the whole pineapple for a tastier tropical treat.

Is pineapple good in the morning or at night? ›

Ease of digestion process:

Due to the presence of bromelain, it is best to help in the process of digestion effectively if you eat pineapple early in the morning. It contains a high amount of fiber as well.

How often do you wash natural hair? ›

As a general rule, natural hair should be washed about every 7-10 days, however, everyone's crown is different, so the frequency truly depends on the needs of your hair. Here are a few things to consider when determining how often to wash your hair.

What does brushing your hair before bed do? ›

Detangle Your Hair Before Bed

One of the simplest ways to protect your hair at night is by brushing or combing through your strands thoroughly. This will help detangle your hair and evenly distribute its natural oils from the roots to the ends.

Do you have to let pineapple top dry? ›

Also, remove a few of the lowest leaves. The pineapple top should then be allowed to dry for several days. The drying period allows the moist core tissue to dry and discourages rotting.

How long does it take to dry a pineapple top? ›

Trim away the tough outer “skin” of the pineapple top, and remove a few of the lowest leaves. Place the crown in a sunny spot to dry for three to five days.

Can you air dry pineapple? ›

If you're craving a sweet snack, look no further than this air fryer dehydrated pineapple! It's easy and relatively quick to remove the moisture from pineapple using an air fryer. The result is a chewy, sweet snack that reminds me of candy!

What drink makes your hair grow faster? ›

"There are specific juices that can be beneficial for the health of your hair and scalp, including aloe vera juice, kiwi juice and cucumber juice." According to Synder, spinach is highly concentrated with vitamin B, which restores shine and promotes hair growth.

What fruit makes your hair grow longer? ›

Berries. Berries are loaded with beneficial compounds and vitamins that may support hair growth. This includes vitamin C, which has strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidants can help protect hair follicles against damage from harmful molecules called free radicals.

How do I keep my natural hair curly at night? ›

In addition to sleeping on your side or on your stomach, there are additional ways you can preserve your curls as you snooze.
  1. Use a silk or satin pillowcase. ...
  2. Put your hair in a 'pineapple' ...
  3. Do twists or braids. ...
  4. Use a silk or satin bonnet or headscarf. ...
  5. Try a spritz or two of product.
Jun 11, 2020

What should you put in curly hair in the morning? ›

If you wake up to hair that is dry, you can apply a leave-in conditioner or curl cream.
  1. Simply wet your hair and apply a small amount of product. ...
  2. Proceed by smoothing out the curls then scrunch your hair to create a more uniform curl pattern.
  3. You can add a bit of gel or mousse to help with definition.
Nov 17, 2022

Which hairstyle is best while sleeping? ›

Pick a Braid, any Braid

Braid your hair before going to sleep. This old trick works every time and is one of the best ways to wear your hair when sleeping. It not only protects your hair – stopping it from tangling and breaking – but also gives you gorgeous beachy waves the next day and cuts down on frizz.

Should I brush my wet hair before bed? ›

Brushing your hair not only detangles it but also helps to distribute the natural oils in your hair throughout your head to keep your hair silky and shiny. Make sure not to brush your hair while it is wet. If you've just stepped out of the shower, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle.

Should you wet your hair at night? ›

Ideally, you should be going to bed with completely dry hair to reduce your risk of fungal infections and hair breakage. Sleeping with wet hair could also result in more tangles and a funky mane to tend to in the morning.

How can I make my hair silky in 5 minutes? ›

Tips on How to Make Hair Silky and Smooth
  1. Use heat protectants. ...
  2. Don't overexpose your hair to heating tools. ...
  3. Always condition after shampooing. ...
  4. Don't wash your hair every day. ...
  5. Don't stay out in the sun for long. ...
  6. Don't rub your hair vigorously with a towel. ...
  7. Treat hair with hot oil treatments. ...
  8. Pick the right hair care products.
Jan 16, 2023

What is the secret to silky hair? ›

For hair that's soft and smooth, take a gentle approach to drying and combing. Instead of vigorously rubbing a towel to soak up water after a wash, blot it dry with an old T-shirt. And use a gentle detangler brush to tenderly work through knots. This way, your hair won't break or frizz as easily.

Does the pineapple juice trick work for females? ›

Yes, ladies — and men too, for that matter — drinking a good sized glass of pineapple juice a couple of hours before the deed can help make your bodily fluids taste and even smell better. Fruits in general are good because they contain acids and sugars.

How long to flip pineapple before cutting? ›

Resting the pineapple upside down for 30 minutes helps the juices to run back down and distribute for evenly juicy pieces. After 30 minutes, cut off the other end of the pineapple. Remove the skin of the pineapple by slicing it off, following the shape of the pineapple. Slice the pineapple in half lengthwise.

How do you cut a pineapple for implantation? ›

Using Pineapple to Support Implantation:

First, cut the green top off and remove the outer peel of the pineapple with a knife. Then slice into 6-8 equal wedges (remember to not remove the core!). Eat 1 slice per day for 6-8 days. Trying Naturally: Begin eating your wedges the day after ovulation.

What does pineapple and honey do? ›

One traditional cough remedy is to blend pineapple juice with honey, ginger, salt, and a little cayenne pepper. The cayenne helps expel mucus while the honey and ginger soothe the throat and offer anti-inflammatory properties.

Does pineapple make oral better? ›

But in an attempt to debunk the confusion surrounding the sex act, the most popular myths have been explained. There's no need to drink pineapple juice right before having oral sex - it won't make you taste nicer.

How often should a woman drink pineapple juice? ›

Note: Bromelain is a major substance that is found in pineapples and this has its merits and demerits probably if you do not consume this fruit in excess. So make sure that you drink only one glass of pineapple juice every day and this will do you good.

What does an upside down pineapple mean? ›

On a cruise ship, the secret symbol of an upside-down pineapple is regularly used as a code for swinging or “wife-swapping”. In most cases, an illustrated and upside-down pineapple is fixed to the cabin door of a guest interested in swinging and partner swapping.

What does a pineapple on the porch mean? ›

The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. Many porches will have one as their door matt, or as a sculpture or doorknocker. Having a pineapple at your door means you are a welcoming, hospitable, warm and friendly home. American colonists began importing the pineapple from the Caribbean in the 17th century.

What is the pineapple trick girls? ›

The pineapple is a loose, high ponytail on top of your head, that prevents the frizz, knots and flattened curls that come with lying on a pillow. Only the back and sides of your hair will be subject to your tossing and turning.

Should I put my pineapple upside down? ›

"People may think storing a pineapple on its side will more evenly distribute the fruit's juice because pineapples can indeed be sweeter on the bottom than on the top," Goldfield told me. "However, storing a pineapple upright or on its side doesn't make a difference."

Should you wash a pineapple before cutting? ›

It's not a bad idea to at least rinse your pineapple before cutting it. Because your knife touches both the shell and the flesh, it's good to make sure that the shell is nice and clean. We wouldn't worry too much about washing it with soap, though – a good rinse under running water should be just fine!

Do you have to core a pineapple? ›

Pineapples are a juicy, tropical treat that offer more health benefits than you might think. But one tricky thing about pineapples is cutting out the core, which many people discard after removing. But don't let their fibrous nature fool you: pineapple cores are actually edible and filled with nutrients.


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